Tiny House

This is currently our biggest project. We designed everything in CAD first to settle on a design. Then we ordered and cut the steel and welded (with help from our friend Josh) it all together. We had to flip the trailer halfway through to weld the other side and our neighbour Kevin was so kind to send over his crane operator.

Then we washed and painted the trailer and wired the lights to prepare for inspection. ICBC took a long time to work through our paperwork and we had to jump through a lot of hoops but eventually we had an insurable trailer. We love tucktape but this kind of red tape is not so fun.

Next came insulating and installing the floor and pre-assembling the walls. Once we felt like we would not get the house too wet we pulled it out of the garage and started putting the walls up with the help of our families.

Then we installed the rafters and sheeting all the while fighting with the giant tarp. Once the roof was done we could finally stop worrying that everything would get soaked in the next storm.

Check out our CAD model on Onshape.